I want to thank the author Paul Lample for allowing me to record his book and put it on the internet to be listened to freely. The computer generated voices used to read the book are high quality courtesy of Natural Reader, and give me the opportunity to post them here without any copywright violations. I recorded the chapters individually posted them in the same order as they appear in the book.

Part One: Preface, The Life and Teachings of Baha’u’llah, The Quest For Spirituality, What It Means to be Spiritual, Human Nature

Part Two: Believing in God, True Religion, The Journey of the Soul

Part Three: The Spiritual Life, Reflecting Spiritual Qualities, Faith, The Mastery of Self

Part Four: Sanctity and Holiness, Love and Unity, Prayer and Meditation

Part Five: Service to Humanity, Effort and Perseverance

Part Six: Material and Spiritual Reality, The Physical World, Evolution and Human Capacity, Body Mind and Soul

Part Seven: The Nature of God, God Creation and Spirit

Part Eight: The Relationship Between God and Humanity, The Progress of the Soul, Immortality

Part Nine: The Next World, The Progress of the Soul After Death, Free Will Fate and Predesination

Part Ten: Suffering, Evil, Spiritual Progress and Material Means

Part Eleven: Sacrifice, Humanity’s Spiritual Education, Spiritual Potentialities Are Realized Through Education

Part Twelve: The Divine Educator, The Religion of God, Progressive Revelation

Part Thirteen: The Purpose of a New Religion, The City of Certitude

Part Fourteen: The Law of God, A New Human Race