I give thanks to George Ronald Publishing for allowing me to record extracts of their book Fire and Gold. The sections below are taken from the sections in the book, with the same title.

These are recorded with fairly long pauses after each quote, which is repeated once. This is to help take a thoughtful, meditative approach in listening to the quotes. This is a different approach to reading (or listening) many quotes quickly (probably the standard approach in these fast-paced times). At least this approach works for me and maybe it will work for you too. Please feel free to give me any feedback in the comments section below.

Here are some situations when listening to these quotes may work for you:

• as background audio while on the internet.
• while doing chores.
• exercising.
• falling asleep.
• travelling.

You can download these files from on this page.

Purpose of Tests:

Source of Tests:

Solutions to Tests

Faith and Confidence:

Strength and Resolution:

Prayer and Deepening:

Accept the Will of God:



Obey The Teachings:

Have Patience and Look to the End of Things:

Spiritual Transformation:

Apologize for Oneself and Forgive Others:

Teach the Cause:

Meditate on the Sufferings of Baha’u’llah:


Ask Forgiveness from God:

Develop the Fear of God:

Readings for Comfort During Illness:

Concerning Death:

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