I have explained how you can listen to these Hidden Words on my blog Worrying, Reframing and Looping Recordings. There are five parts and each Hidden Word is repeated twice and is combined with royalty free music from Pixabay. You can also listen and download spoken audio of the Hidden Words without music.

Hidden Words with Music part 1/5
Hidden Words with Music part 2/5
Hidden Words with Music part 3/5
Hidden Words with Music part 4/5
Hidden Words with Music part 5/5

Download the Files:

Royalty-Free Music from Pixabay

The background music I have used are from musicians and composers that post their music on Pixabay. Below are the musicians and composers whose works I have included in these recordings. I could not have done this without their works, which I believe are very high quality. Please support them if you can.

Aleksey Chistilin


Ashot Danielyan

Evgeni Razmanov

Gvidon Бардюжа-Лёвкин

Irfan Zafar


Vitaliy Levkin


Music Unlimited


Oleksandr Savochka

Oleksandr Stepanov

Oleksii Kaplunskyi


Piotr Witowski



Vitaliy Levkin

Yurii Kohut

Yrii Semchyshyn

Zakhar Valaha