As explained in my post on the names of God, this idea comes from the short healing prayer phrase “Thy Name is my healing”. I’ve taken some well-known short prayers, and prefixed them with a name of God. The names of God I am using from this selection of names of God I found online. I have done a search of about twenty of these names of God, to ensure they are in the writings or prayers, and they all were.

One advantage of this method, is that it helps me think more clearly about God. Another advantage of this method is the repetitive nature of saying prayers (or in this case – listening to them). Baha’u’llah counsels us to say the removers of difficulties prayer 500 times. I concentrate on that particular name of God, which prefixes the prayer, for the length of the prayer. Doing this with many names of God gives me a global understanding of who God is, as best as I can.

I often listen to one of these prayers while having a nap or while falling asleep. This can be helpful for nights when I am fretting or obsessing about any number of problems. It helps me to stop worrying and ruminating, and think more positively, and therefore fall asleep quicker.

Each of the sequences of prayers is split into three parts. You can listen to them online or download them. To download, left-click on the three verticle dots on the far right side of the mp3 file, then click on “download” from the pop-up menu.

Names of God:

Names of God – each name repeated 3 times:

Names of God with Removers of Difficulties prayer:

Names of God with God is Sufficient Unto Me prayer:

Names of God with God Sufficieth All Things prayer:

Names of God with Hidden Word Thy Love is my stronghold:

Names of God with short healing prayer:

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