Rattles and Tuning Forks

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I am an empath, so I naturally and often unknowingly sense the energy and emotions of other people and think it is my energy or emotions – weird eh?. I can absorb this energy and emotion as though it is my own. Using rattles every morning helps me clear myself from energy and emotion that is not mine. This youtube video shows one way how rattles can be used to clear your energy.

I suspect that using rattles could be useful for people who aren’t empaths but have stored up negative, destructive or nervous energy or emotions they want to release. I bought two rattles, similar to these, put in earplugs and shake them around every area of my body. While doing so, I recite several of the names of God. This is not a Baha’i ritual, but just a way of multi-tasking I made up to be more time-efficient. I always notice that I feel shivers on my body, especially on my back, and after a couple of minutes, I no longer feel shivers.

I did some research online about it and found Omnivos tuning forks were highly recommended. Unweighted tuning forks are good for clearing the energy field most people, except empaths apparently, have around their bodies. Weighted tuning forks are more useful for aches and pains in the body. Omnivos’s website has many educational articles and videos about tuning forks.

I use the unweighted tuning forks similar to the rattles. I pick up two different unweighted tuning forks, one in each hand, strike them on a hockey puck, then wave them around the various parts of my body. Like with the rattles, I notice I have shivers at first, which go away after a couple of minutes or so. To my thinking, the disappearance of these shivers is a sign that the tuning forks and rattles are doing something positive.

The weighted tuning forks are used differently than the unweighted ones. If you have discomfort or are sore somewhere in your body, you can strike the forked end of the weighted tuning fork with a hockey puck, then place the bottom of the tuning fork on the place where you feel sore. I leave the tuning fork rest there maybe 5 – 10 seconds. From my scant knowledge of the human body, I understand that muscles are connected one to the other. So if you have a sore in a muscle, it’s probably a good idea to not only treat the specific area that is sore, but the whole area around the sore part.

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