Low self esteem is a very common problem with people who struggle with their mental health. It makes perfect sense it would be, since you are struggling often just to survive and keep your head above water, while your peers are succeeding, having fun, going somewhere with their lives, etc.Continue Reading

Values clarification might be quite timely for some people, who are rethinking their life because of the circumstances of Covid-19 and being less busy. Some self-help books, especially those found in the business section of the bookstores, focus on the idea that you are the captain of your ship, andContinue Reading

Mindfulness is a Buddhist practice of meditation, and for a few decades, has been used alone or in combination with other therapies, to promote mental health. I learned about mindfulness from listening to an interview of Jon Kabat-Zinn on CBC’s Tapestry radio show. He was a doctor at a cancerContinue Reading