The Canadian government has launched free online support for those struggling with mental health challenges during these Covid-19 times. This website has a number of very good free resources for mental health, including MindWell which is dedicated to mindfulness. A new tool therapists may use, is a quick check-in withContinue Reading

A few recent comments I received were from aspiring bloggers wanting advice. Since my response became longer than I expected, I decided to make it a blog instead. I am going to write from my experience only, which is limited because this is the only blog I have. I suspectContinue Reading

Here are some blogs are am in the process of working on right now: Human nature. Light and darkness in the human world. Problem-solving by monitoring the problem. Writing for self-help therapy (or for whatever). Hobbies. Pets. Faith – you don’t need much for it to work for you. Detachment.Continue Reading

Thanks to Natural Reader commercial, I have a cost-effective way to produce the best-sounding text to speech files, for free listening and downloading. In the next few weeks, I will record and post the following books: – Baha’u’llah’s Teachings on Spiritual Reality, compiled by Paul Lample. – The Proofs ofContinue Reading