The Covid-19 Virus is not Going Away

I was under the impression that the Covid problem is going away, probably because of the media, the people I am in contact with, and in my country of Canada things seem to be slowly returning back to “normal”. I was startled into reality when I looked at John Hopkins University website.

On the John Hopkins webpage, on the bottom right is a cumulative graph of Covid cases for each country. If you click on each country on the left side (it only took me a few minutes to go through them all), and look at the graph in the bottom right corner, you will discover the number of Covid cases in most countries is increasing, sometimes dramatically. For example, check out these countries with high rates of Covid: Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, Chile, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. and Bangladesh.

I came to the conclusion that there are no second waves yet, and in most countries the number of cases is on the rise and not stabilizing like in France, Italy and Spain.

Two other reliable websites for tracking the progress of the Covid-19 virus pandemic are and Thanks to several Facebook friends for providing me with these websites for this blog.

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