I am an empath, so I naturally and often unknowingly sense the energy and emotions of other people and think it is my energy or emotions – weird eh?. I can absorb this energy and emotion as though it is my own. Using rattles every morning helps me clear myselfContinue Reading

A long-time first nations Baha’i friend told me how she uses the drum daily with prayer, so I quickly got one. Here is the one I got, along with a drum mallet like this one. This video helped me decide which drum to get, and this other video I findContinue Reading

The rationale behind these ideas is from the short healing prayer phrase “Thy Name is my healing”. Below is a link to a file with quite a few names of God taken from the writings and prayers: https://bahai-library.com/takkenberg_names_god I use the names of God in the following ways: I pickedContinue Reading